We understand tourism as the art of the encountering of people, places and moments. In order to experience and feel different realities, knowings and doings, our tours are carefully elaborated, using Minas Golden´s unique standards.

Minas Golden Tours was created in order to become an operator of excellence in income tourism in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Through the materialization of unique experiences, which combine quality, knowledge, creativity and charm, our team does its best so as to promote travelling experiences, matching the desires and the interests of our clients with the cultural identity of each one of the places visited.

If you aim at having a calm and relaxing week, delving into the culture of different people, a technical and scientific exchange, or a single event, each tour is particularly designed. We also offer customized tours for those who wish to explore the attractions of Minas Gerais in an independent and personalized way.

In order to offer it all, we rely on a highly qualified team of guides, interpreters among other specialists - throughout the fields of humanities and natural sciences, which holds deep knowledge of Minas Gerais as well as of our own tours.

We offer
  • Personalized Consulting
  • Building up of tours and packages of cultural tourism
  • Transport (air / road)
  • Guides and interpreters
  • Regional tours – including lectures, courses and thematic experiences
  • Accomodation Consulting
  • Building up of tours and packages of technical-scientific tourism

Marcia Mascarenhas

She is born in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, graduated and post-graduated in Tourism. She sees tourism as one of the richest sources of human experiences and a pleasant way towards knowledge. With over 20 years of experience, she has already been the Tourism Director of Ouro Preto municipality and has also acted in the academic field with researches, education and extension. She is polyglot, and has already lived in the north of Europe, specially Denmark, being now responsible for the tours and other travelling and touristic products of Minas Golden.

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