The caves of Minas Gerais are true naturalmonuments: works of art of stunning beautysculpted by the time. The karst region ofMinas Gerais (consisted of limestone rocks)is worldly known by its scientific, cultural andgeomorphological richness and also by the workof Danish naturalist Peter W. Lund (1801-1880),the one who made Minas Gerais an internationalreference in the fields of archeology, paleontologyand speleology. The route starts at the PUC Minas(Catholic University) Museum of Natural Scienceand goes up to the Maquiné Cave, in Cordisburgo,central region of the state, along 120km. Besidesthe museum and the Maquiné Cave, the routealso contemplates the Rei do Mato Cave, in SeteLagoas and the Lapinha Cave, located in theSumidouro Park, in Lagoa Santa, as well as thePeter Lund Museum.

A Tour through Peter Lund's Legacy and the history of Lagoa Santa.

To this tour activities were programmed aimingat offering the visitor experience and knowledgerelated to the discoveries of Peter Lund, in contactwith loca...

1 Day GT-rtl-001

Lund's Caves with Museum of Natural Science and Guimarães Rosa Museum

This tour begins at the PUC Minas(CatholicUniversity) Museum of Natural Science andcovers the three main caves which composethe Rota Lund. Having as a refe...

2 Days GT-rtl-002

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