A tour along the pathways trailed by the earlycolonisers since the discovery of gold in MinasGerais up to the period of its complete depletion isa journey throughout history. It is like going backto the times of the merchants,who were attracted by the promise of the richnesswhich “came out from the ground” along with theprecious metal. In these trails, men and womenbuilt up their lives and memories and left out ahistorical and cultural legacy in 199 municipalities,most of them in Minas Gerais. These trails aredivided according to the history of the pathwaysfrom where gold and diamond echoed. Theyare like treasure even to the most demandingcultural and eco-cultural tourists, interested inhistory, art and nature. The landscapes of MinasGerais gather the hospitality of its locals, baroquechurches, religious celebrations, serenades,fountains and bandstands in the squares,waterfalls and a numberless of other subtlenessof the day-to-day life of the region. Choose yourdestination and find adventure!

From the Pre-History to the Modernism with the Royal Road Colonial Cities

This tour focuses on some of the most particularlynatural, scientific and historical-artistic heritageof Minas Gerais, with national and internationalrecog...

4 Days GT-esr-001

Eco-Cultural Tour in Diamantina – World Heritage Site

This tour focus on important geographic, historicaland cultural elements, which lead the visitorsback to the times of the old Royal Road. Theyare also take...

3 Days GT-esr-002

Natural and Baroque Treasures of the Royal Road

This tour reveals the most extraordinary artistic patrimony of the baroque of Minas Gerais, striking and genuine expression of the colonial society from th...

7 Days GT-esr-003

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