Belo Horizonte and its surroundings are aninvitation. Visiting the beautiful architectural andlandscaping complex of Pampulha, enjoying theoutstanding artistic and botanical collection ofInhotim, knowing spectacular caves and waterfalls,strolling around the green areas with privilegedview of the metropolis and being delighted bythe cuisine of farms and small villages of MinasGerais are only some of the great activities thatcan be found here. Watching artistic shows,getting to know the bohemian part of the city,which is considered the national capital of bars,visiting museums and colonial towns, crossingtrails opened by former explorers and revolutionaries is also a must.Tours which delve back into history and representa bit of the welcoming lifestyle of the people fromMinas Gerais.


The Architectural Complex of Pampulha is a truegreen oasis surrounded by beautiful modernarchitecture in the northwestern region of thecapital of Minas Ger...

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Architectural Development

Framed by the Curral Hills, the city of BeloHorizonte was projected by engineer AraãoReis in order to become the capital of the stateof Minas Gerais. From ...

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Inhotim is Latin America´s most importantoutdoor contemporary art museum. Art centrein continuous transformation, where differentartistic expressions coexi...

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Museums and Cultural Centres

The large variety of museums and culturalcentres in Belo Horizonte, spread all over thecity, reassures the identity and the values of thepeople from Minas ...

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Vale Verde

One of the top ecotouristic entrepreneurship inthe surroundings of Belo Horizonte and houseof prized sugar cane brandy (cachaça) ValeVerde. The area of the...

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Horizons, Squares and Parks

Belo Horizonte is the guarantee of a beautifullandscape. The visitors may have a panoramicview of the city and its surroundings from severalareas of the ca...

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Shopping in BH

Belo Horizonte is also known to offer qualified,original and diversified products from all over thestate of Minas Gerais. The capital has become,too, a ref...

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Night View

Also known as the world capital of bars, BeloHorizonte offers to its residents and visitors avaried and lively nightlife, with attractions that fitall tast...

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